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Breast Cancer...No one is immune

In August, 2019 .... my life changed, and fast.

I was thinking about the color I wanted to paint my bathroom, and redecorating my kitchen. And my upcoming events, before Christmas, because that’s how I make my money

until I heard the word. You have Breast Cancer

Are you sure. I asked over and over , because No one in my family has ever had Breast Cancer

After meeting several doctors, and scheduling surgery, The fight was on. I’m 57, have 3 sons. And 4 Grandchildren, one with Down Syndrome. And she needs me

The first surgery was September 16, and they went in and took out all the cancer, and some surrounding tissue. The next surgery was scheduled for September 26, to take lymph nodes out from my armpit, to see if it has spread... I was so scared waiting for the results

finally about 5 days after surgery, doctor called me and said , it had not spread. Thank God

but I still will need 7 weeks of Radiation

After , having my incision drained, 4 times

it was time to start treatments

I remember the first time walking into there

I was so nervous, and heartbroken, because 7 months earlier, I lost my Dad to Cancer

It wasn’t so bad, until about halfway, My Breast was starting to burn , and I was becoming more tired. I had to cancel a ton of my events , and try and sell online Also at the same time, my husband was out from surgery on his arm

so now our income was even smaller

the depression sunk in ... And I was still so determined, to finish. And then live what life I have left to the fullest

After 35 treatments , I rang the bell , on December 31...

Now..... I’m back🥰

And even though my business has taken a huge dive. I will NEVER give up!!

stay tuned .... and watch me soar 💪🏻💗

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