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Disappointments, sometimes leads to The Best things in Life!! Like Shawn Cox.. A photographer who got Me.... Saw my Vision, and Captured it!!! Couldn’t have done it without her...♥️

I am a 55 year old Mom of 3 Sons, and 4 Grandchildren

I have and will always be Their Number #1 supporters... But , Now, Its MY time!!

I have Fought My whole life to actually Love Myself, just the way I am!! To Believe

Believe YOU are Beautiful.... Something we all possess, you have to just get there in your Soul and Mind!!! And anyone can do it. We all have those qualities that are different than the rest!!

I soon will be Taking Moxie Marcy Jewelry in a Whole NEW Direction.... Not only do I want Women... And Men. To feel good about themselves, I want YOU to look it too.. with Moxie Marcy Jewelry, each piece is made with My love, and vision!!!

Each piece is different, just like you.... You will be getting a Piece, handmade with heart.. Not a machine ...

I also will be incorporating My Very Own Skin care , and techniques, and Advice on how to stay youthful... Let me tell ya... Something about 55, lit a 🔥 fire under me... I would love to help, mentor anyone who is struggling with self worth... I am here if you need me...

Anyone, I mean Anyone.... Can change their Mindset... It takes a lot of self discipline, and determination... but if you believe... You can do it!!!

Believe YOU are Beautiful. Because.... You Are 💖

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